The Challenge

Beehive is a new start up that offers a lot of different services. They offer printing, design, video editing, and a slew of technology services. They wanted a design that was simple and clean, but also memorable. They needed a logo, website, and business cards. Because they offer print and design services, the design had to really look like someone you would want to design your materials, and the business cards had to look like awesome printing material.

The Solution

The logo was designed as a flat icon with extremely simple lines that invite the viewer to believe it’s a beehive. Using the hive as the dot in the i of the word beehive, gave a positive visual that was easy to recognize. They could then use the logo in it’s full form with the text, or use just the hive icon alone, depending on the application. The website was designed to be simple to navigate, as well as a clean clear design. Using links at the bottom of every page instead of a “contact us” page invited the users in, instead of telling them to get in contact with them. Choosing the material for the business cards to be printed on was more important than the design in this case, then what was being printed. The card needed to say you want us to print your materials. A frosted plastic card was chosen and only information was printed on the card with a banner that kept the branding.

Brand Identity.


Corporate Branding


Website Design

Day Turnaround

Amazing Result

Same Web Experience on Every Device


Responsive Design gives the same experience on every device, no matter what size screen you’re on.

Easy Navigation

Simple Navigation allows users to get to where they want to be quickly, while allowing for easy forms for getting in touch.

Built From the Inside Out

Built on the foundation of WordPress for easy updating, future expansion, and design changes.

  • Website Traffic 100% 100%
  • Printing Sales 50% 50%
  • Email Subscribers 75% 75%

The Results Were Amazing

When passing out the business cards, the reactions are extremely positive. The question is always asked, “you can print this quality?” And of course they can. The website gives valuable information, and the most common comment is about how nice the site works on mobile devices.

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